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Find the right car for the right price when you request auto shopping services from Hart Fullerton Leasing of Santa Monica, California. Since 1971, we have been helping clients throughout the greater Los Angeles area get the best deals on the cars and trucks they want.
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Your Trusted Auto Shopper

Hart Fullerton Leasing began as a leasing company for a local Mercedes® dealer and eventually grew into the company it is today, where we help clients find all makes and models of vehicles. Simply give us a call to discuss what type of auto leases or sales you're interested in, and we'll find the car of your choice and handle all the financing for you.

When you buy or lease a car with us, our skilled staff takes care of the details. Plus, our exemplary service doesn't end once you get your new car; we take care of you after your purchase or lease is completed to ensure your total satisfaction.
Contact us today to request our services and leave the auto shopping to our professionals.